Grace Pillari

Event Status Date Event Type
Women's 4.0 Monday-NRSTC Ralliers Active9/13/2022Interclub
4.0 Ladies Monday AM-NRSTC/Wells Active4/15/2022Interclub
Women's 4.0-NRSTC Ralliers Active9/14/2021Interclub
2021 Summer Ladies 4.0 Wednesday AM-NRSTC/DeGaetano Active6/2/2021Interclub
IRMSL Wednesday 4.0 Ladies-NRSTC/DeGaetano Active4/14/2021Interclub
Women's 4.0-NRS Smashers Active12/6/2020Interclub
Ladies TriLevel Fall 2020-NRSTC - Albrecht Active9/3/2020Interclub
TC Pickleball - MIXED 3.5-Halpatiokee Dills 3.5 Active11/20/2019Interclub
Women's 4.0-NRSTC Smashers A Active5/1/2019Interclub
Women's 4.0-NRSTC Smashers Active9/28/2018Interclub
2017W CTA Womens 4.0-Mediterra/Shadow Wood Active1/17/2017Interclub
SCAT 4.0+-World Tennis Active10/4/2015Interclub
2015W CTA Womens 4.0-Pelican Bay Park - Black Active1/5/2015Interclub
2013W USPTA Women 4.0-Shadow Wood Active1/3/2013Interclub
2012F USPTA Womens 4.0-Shadow Wood Active10/4/2012Interclub
2012F CTA Day Womens 4.0-Mediterra/Shadowood Active9/27/2012Interclub
2012W CTA Women 4.0-Mediterra/Shadowood Active1/2/2012Interclub
2012W USPTA Women 4.0-Shadowwood 4.0's Active12/27/2011Interclub
2011W USPTA Women 4.0-El Fuego Shadow Wood Active1/4/2011Interclub
2011W CTA Women 4.0-Mediterra/Shadowood Active1/1/2011Interclub
2010W CTA Women 4.0-Mediterra/Shadow Wood Active1/8/2010Interclub
2010W USPTA Women 4.0-Shadow Wood Active1/5/2010Interclub
2009F USPTA Womens 4.0-Shadow Wood Active10/1/2009Interclub
2009 CTA Day Womens 4.0-Mediterra/Shadowood Active9/29/2009Interclub
2009W CTA Womens 4.0 & 4.5-Mediterra/Shadowood Active1/8/2009Interclub
2009W USPTA Women 4.0 & 4.5-Shadow Wood Active1/6/2009Interclub
2008 USPTA Womens 4.0 & 4.5-Shadow Wood W4.0A Active10/7/2008Interclub

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